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About Hosting4sme

Hosting4sme was created to cater for Home, Home Office and SME markets.

Hosting4sme has had many years of Internet experience running various web sites, selling web shopping carts and providing technical support.

We finally decided to set up our own service to meet our high standards of  expectation and offering flexibility to our clients.

At hosting4sme we will NOT host any Adult sites.

We will offer the best customer service to our clients both via email and online.

For the home user we are offer to host their mail boxes so that you can access it from anywhere in the world.  This means that as a home user you can have many individual pop emails setup.  You can also have mail forwarding set up for each email address.  You will also have some webspace where you can create your own web pages, backup important files from your PC to our server. Use the additonal services we offer including building and managing your mailing lists,  creating your own MySQL database, Learning to write and use PHP, etc.

For SME we offer hosting services with many additional benefits, including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Logo Creation, Web page template creation, Free Aroga shopping cart, Free OsCommerce Ecommerce software, Customisation of these services.  We would be happy to offer any advise you may require regarding setting up your web site, the look and feel of the site and ofcourse many of the tricks on ensuring how you can track your web site, see who is coming to your site, how they navigate, what they see, etc.

Hosting4sme will also be setting up a buying service for it clients in the very near future.  This will offer the possibility of buying office products, marketing products all at reduced prices.

If would be most happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding your requirements or our services.  (inquiry@Hosting4sme.co.uk)



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